Tristan, Almost 10

Just a few quick shots of my nephew, Tristan.  He’s getting so big!  Next time, I’m going to have to take him downtown for some urban shots.  He’s not a little kid anymore!

Holly Madison

Holly has more personality than any four year old I have ever met!  Just before this shoot, she was busy prancing in the mud in her beautiful polka-dotted dress, giving a very long explanation of why it was okay.  I think we got most of the mud off, LOL!  What a cutie!


Julianna – 16 months

Last month, 16-month old Julianna came back for another session.  We needed a new setting, so we trucked over to the Huntington Gardens and made a day of it.  It was so fun! I am in love with her little pigtails 🙂

Grant Lee – 4 months

Meet my nephew, Grant Lee.  My sister came in from overseas, and I had the opportunity to do a four month shoot with him during their stay.  I’m pretty sure he’s the cutest chunkamunk ever!

Kellen – 10 days old

Sorry, I’m trying to catch up on blog posts as I have been on vacation for my wedding and honeymoon.

Here is little Kellen.  He was 10 days old when I photographed him.  He is such a sweetie pie, and has a beautiful loving family!

Sweet Carolina

Sweet 7-month old Carolina had a photo shoot to commemorate her upcoming baptism.  She looks so beautiful in her hand-made gown and her grandmother’s necklaces.  What a doll 🙂


Three Generations

What a picture perfect family!  I love the innocence that shines through the youngest of the group.  Their beautiful faces just melt my heart!


David, 7 days new

Adorable David, was just 7 days old when I got to photograph him.  He is so dreamy and sweet and I loved every minute of it!  These photos make me want to drift off to dreamland…



Beautiful Betty, Maternity Session

Beautiful Betty and her loving family are expecting a new baby boy in April.  You can tell from these pictures how much they are looking forward to the arrival of their new family member!  I can’t wait to meet him either!


Matthew, 9 Days New

9 day old Matthew was sooo adorably sweet!  I loved every second of our time together (even as he fire-hose peed all over me!  And me camera, and my equipment, and the floor, and the door, and… ).  LOL, What a cute little bundle… see for yourself! 🙂


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