Jameson Cake Smash – Santa Clarita Baby Photographer

I photographed Jameson’s big brother Caleb years ago for his cake smash, so it was so fun to do this one too!  Jameson is a totally different kid than his brother, and I loved seeing his personality shine through.  I love this kiddo! 🙂

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Audrey, 10 days old – Valencia Newborn Photography – Farrah Welch

Adorable little Audrey at ten days new.  Look at those beautiful bright eyes!  Just like her gorgeous momma!  She was such a doll to photograph, and her big sister was such a help!  She picked a good family 🙂

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Hazel Cake Smash – Santa Clarita Baby Photographer – Farrah Welch

I photographed Hazel when she was a newborn, and she was such a doll… it was so fun to have her back for her first year cake smash!  What a cutie 🙂  I love her scrunch face!


santa clarita cake smash photographer

santa clarita baby photographer santa clarita cake smash photographer santa clarita cake smash photographer

Julian Cake Smash – Santa Clarita Baby Photographer

I just love having my newborn clients come back for their cake smash.  It’s such a treat to see how they have grown, and to get to be part of their first cake experience!  Here’s Julian!



Claire, Santa Clarita Newborn Photographer – Farrah Welch

Meet adorable little Claire!  She’s such a sweetie!  Look at that adorable smile and beautiful blonde hair!

claire, santa clarita newborn photography

Sofia, 3 weeks old – Santa Clarita Newborn Photography – Farrah Welch

Beautiful Sofia… Her parents are in love with her… can’t you tell?  And how could they not be?  Look at that gorgeous head of hair!  I just love photographing babies with hair 🙂  She looks so content in her momma’s arms.

santa clarita newborn photographer


santa clarita newborn photographer santa clarita newborn photographer Santa Clarita Newborn Photographer santa clarita newborn photographer

Little Luke – Santa Clarita Newborn Photography

Look at how much little Luke adores his momma 🙂  And that smile!  It’s to die for!  It’s my favorite newborn smile to date!  This family is so lucky to welcome this little bub.

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Annabelle, Santa Clarita Newborn Photographer

I just love it when new siblings arrive!  I photographed little Tyler when he was born, and he came back to introduce me to his new baby sister, Annabelle.  He is so in love with her!  Can’t you tell?  Here are a few photos from their session 🙂

Annabelle, Farrah Welch Photography, Santa Clarita Photographer




Sweet Caroline, 10 days old

Meet sweet Caroline.  What a beautiful family.  This baby girl was such a doll, and so fun to photograph 🙂

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Sweet Caroline, Santa Clarita Newborn Photographer

Sweet Caroline in all her peachy goodness.  Isn’t she beautiful?  She was a dream!

caroline, newborn, santa clarita newborn photographer

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