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I just got notified by Shutterfly that one of my photos was used in their blog post on 100 Creative Newborn Photo ideas.  It’s an older photo, but still super cute!  Shout out to Shutterfly for their cool project.  Check it out!

Santa Clarita Newborn Photographer




PPA International Print Competition – Santa Clarita Award Winning Photographer – Farrah Welch

This year, 2017, was my first entering the Professional Photographer’s of America (PPA) International Print Competition (IPC).  I decided to start my journey toward my PPA Master of Photographer Degree, a journey toward improving my skills and my art, a journey for myself and for my clients.  It was fun, it was exciting, and it was an incredible learning experience.  And the result?  Three of my images merited and one loaned!  I even got interviewed on IPC Live during the competition, which was a great opportunity!

It is such an honor to have my images selected by my peers and PPA jurors for high-quality photography. These images will be on display at the Gaylord Opryland Convention Center in Nashville, Tennessee, Jan. 14-16, 2018. This International Photographic Exhibition is held in conjunction with Imaging USA, an annual convention and expo for professional photographers.  “A Mother’s Love,” “Inquisitive Charm,” and “Inseparable” will be displayed in the International Photographic Exhibition alongside other top photographic works from the competition and traveling and special invitational displays. These images constitute one of the world’s largest annual exhibits of professional photography gathered simultaneously under one roof.  “Inseparable” was selected for the esteemed Loan Collection—the best of the best, and will be published in the much-anticipated “Loan Collection” book by Marathon Press.

Thank you to Julia Kelleher and to Michelle Parsely, for sparking my interest in print competition and starting me on this journey.  Thank you to Christie Newall for your wealth of information and your passion for sharing it with photographers like me who are jumping in to print competition.  Thank you to Janel Pahl for taking the time to mentor me, help me sort out the twelve elements as they applied to my own body of work, and for your honest and invaluable critiques.  Thank you to my husband, Arthur Vail, for always being willing to take “just one more look.”  Finally, thank you to Richard Newall and Booray Perry for having me as a guest on IPC Live!   You are each a star that aligned, with perfect timing, and led me down a captivating path through my first International Print Competition. Thank your for your inspiration, your time, and your energy. I can’t wait for next year!

Here are my images with their official gold seals.

Inseperable - PPA 126th Annual Exhibition - Loan Collection

Inquisitive Charm - PPA 126th Annual Exhibition - Merit Collection

A Mother's Love - PPA 126th Annual Exhibition - Merit Collection

Jameson Cake Smash – Santa Clarita Baby Photographer

I photographed Jameson’s big brother Caleb years ago for his cake smash, so it was so fun to do this one too!  Jameson is a totally different kid than his brother, and I loved seeing his personality shine through.  I love this kiddo! 🙂

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Audrey, 10 days old – Valencia Newborn Photography – Farrah Welch

Adorable little Audrey at ten days new.  Look at those beautiful bright eyes!  Just like her gorgeous momma!  She was such a doll to photograph, and her big sister was such a help!  She picked a good family 🙂

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Hazel Cake Smash – Santa Clarita Baby Photographer – Farrah Welch

I photographed Hazel when she was a newborn, and she was such a doll… it was so fun to have her back for her first year cake smash!  What a cutie 🙂  I love her scrunch face!


santa clarita cake smash photographer

santa clarita baby photographer santa clarita cake smash photographer santa clarita cake smash photographer

Julian Cake Smash – Santa Clarita Baby Photographer

I just love having my newborn clients come back for their cake smash.  It’s such a treat to see how they have grown, and to get to be part of their first cake experience!  Here’s Julian!



Oliver Cake Smash – Santa Clarita Cake Smash Photographer

Oliver came back for his cake smash, and how cute is he?!   I loved seeing him a year later, and he looks so much like his baby cousin who I photographed too!  Love this family 🙂

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Claire, Santa Clarita Newborn Photographer – Farrah Welch

Meet adorable little Claire!  She’s such a sweetie!  Look at that adorable smile and beautiful blonde hair!

claire, santa clarita newborn photography

Sofia, 3 weeks old – Santa Clarita Newborn Photography – Farrah Welch

Beautiful Sofia… Her parents are in love with her… can’t you tell?  And how could they not be?  Look at that gorgeous head of hair!  I just love photographing babies with hair 🙂  She looks so content in her momma’s arms.

santa clarita newborn photographer


santa clarita newborn photographer santa clarita newborn photographer Santa Clarita Newborn Photographer santa clarita newborn photographer

Little Luke – Santa Clarita Newborn Photography

Look at how much little Luke adores his momma 🙂  And that smile!  It’s to die for!  It’s my favorite newborn smile to date!  This family is so lucky to welcome this little bub.

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