Grant 20 months old

Grant Lee came out to California for another photoshoot while his family was on leave from Spain.  He’s grown so much!  It was so fun watching him run around exploring, with those big inquisitive eyes, smiling from ear to ear at each new discovery 🙂

Santa Clarita Baby Photographer

Julianna, Holiday Session 2013

Beautiful Julianna sorted all of my holiday decorations and props for me during her session (and bargained for a couple of candy canes!)… such a sweetie!  I just love watching these kiddos grow and their hearts sparkle 🙂

Santa Clarita Baby Photographer

Bazar Holiday Session 2013

I’ve been waiting a while to post this one…  I just adore all of the fall colors in this beautiful holiday session.  It’s amazing watching these kiddos grow throughout the year.  Schrader is such a great big brother to baby sister, Paityn.  Such a loving family!

Santa Clarita Baby Photographer

Fun at the Beach

I don’t carry my camera around often enough…it’s something I am striving to remedy.  My iphone documentary of my son’s life is not cutting it 😉 Last week, I got some adorable shots of my sweet pea and his friends at the beach.  I thought I’d share a few.

Santa Clarita Children Photographer


Paityn, Cake Smash

Little Miss Paityn recently turned one. It feels like I just took her newborn photos a couple of months ago!  Here are some links back to her earlier shoots if you want to take a look at how much she’s grown!  She’s such a sweet little girl!


Three months

Seven Months


Santa Clarita Baby Photographer

The Wilhelms

I met Jamie at the Henry Mayo Breastfeeding group after our kiddos were born.  I’ve really enjoyed watching her beautiful brown-eyed babies grow into playful toddlers full of personality.  Motherhood is an amazing journey, and each stage is so unique and precious.  I’m so happy that I got to capture this one for her.  Meet her awesome family – The Wilhelms!  For those of you that know them, they rule 🙂

Santa Clarita Children Photographer

David, One Year Old

I took David’s newborn photos, and could not believe that he was already one when his mom contacted me for a one year shoot.  Where did the last year go??  He is so adorable, and has the cutest little head of curly hair!  He has two awesome parents, and a pair of beautiful big sisters that adore him.  He’s such a lucky little boy 🙂

Draper Family

After I did this photo shoot, I told these parents that Del was the most cooperative two year old I’ve encountered during a photo shoot!  And then I had another just as cooperative that evening!  I was amazed at my little assistants that day… it was a day of great photo shoots!  Del had his own mountain he kept pointing out to me, and he was so sweet to his bright-eyed little brother who is 9 months old.  They are such a beautiful family 🙂

Emily, One Year Old

Emily is just as sweet as she can be, with blue eyes that light up the world when she smiles!  She is so incredibly loved by her parents and grandparents who all came out for the photo shoot.  I could tell she means the world to all of them.  🙂



Happy Spring!

Happy first day of spring!  Here’s a couple shots of two-year old Dylan from our most recent trip to the Huntington Gardens.  I just love cherry blossoms 🙂

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