Colyn, 1 year

I met Colyn when he was a newborn, but this was my first chance to photograph him.  What a cutie he has become!  All boy and all smiles 🙂 !


Kaelyn 1 year, Family Photos

To celebrate Kaelyn’s first year, her family came out for a photoshoot in the park.  Her mommy did a fantastic job coordinating their outfits.  How cute is this family photo?  Kaelyn was the happiest chasing her little friend around after we were “done.”  That’s when I captured her cutest smile 🙂

Emily, Cake Smash!

I hadn’t seen Emily since she was a few months old… what a beautiful little girl she has become!  She just turned one, so a cake smash was in order! Her parents went the extra mile to find a cake that met her allergy requirements, and then the smashing began!  Oh my, it’s fun to be one!

Emma, 1 year

Emma came back for her one year portraits.  What a cutie pie!  I love seeing these babies grow and progress through their first year.  It’s such a joy to capture each of their stages.  Doesn’t Miss Emma look beautiful in her party dress?

Schrader’s Cake Smash

Schrader took a slightly different approach to his cake, once he figured out that it was edible.  He was so excited! If his stomach could have held it all, I’m pretty sure he would have eaten the whole thing!  “Mmmm, this is good, Mom!” In the end, his cute little belly triumphed over the messy goodness left all over the floor.

Dylan’s Cake Smash!

I can’t even describe how fun this was.  Dylan really liked eating the candle (oops!) and smashing the cake… In the end he turned the whole thing over and smashed it into the ground, as he drove over the cake with his new cakeboard car.  Vrooom! Happy 1st birthday, Dylan!


Ryleigh had lots to say about gymboree, and pirates booty, and painting, and pirates booty, and bumbo chairs, and pirates booty.  She likes her snacks 🙂  While she talked to me, I snapped away at those beautiful green eyes!


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