Taylor – 1 year

Taylor showed up walking for her one year photos.  What a cutie pie!  She talked up a storm and smiled liberally with her adorable cheesey grin 🙂  She played in the sand and the leaves, and even kissed the tree and rubbed it while saying, “Nice, nice.”   Only one, and already an outdoors girl 🙂

Julianna – Holiday Mini Session

Julianna came in for her holiday photos.  I love the “You better watch out” look she gave me.  Perfect Christmas card material!  And those cheeks!  Hehe, you just want to squish them 🙂


Schrader, Holiday Session

Now when Jamie said, “Farrah, I have a challenge for you,” I had no idea what I was getting myself into.  Not only would I be shooting her 10 month old, Schrader, but her dog, AND her two beautiful cats… TOGETHER!  Try getting 3 pets and a baby to all sit still and look at the camera?  The only thing I could think was, “Good thing I’m also a visual FX artist!”  I have to say,  I really love it!

Emma, Holiday Session

Ten month old Emma came back for her holiday session.  Does she make the perfect Lil’ Miss Santa or what?  What darling Christmas cards these will make!

Dylan, 10 months, Holiday Photos

Someone came up to us at Wholefoods and told me that Dylan was beautiful and looked like a little Christmas elf.  I thought so too after just taking these photos the week before!  I have to say, as cute as he is, he is my most difficult model!  Sitting still and following commands are just not on his list of tricks!


Lucas, 9 months

I’ve seen Lucas grow since he was an itty bitty baby, and it was so much fun to shoot his 9 month photos!  He’s so happy!  With two loving parents and a sweet nanny, it’s not hard to see why 🙂

Trenton – Holiday Mini Session

3 month old Trenton is just so adorable!  He’s a tummy time master and a tiny ball of Christmas cuteness!  I love his little green gDiaper 🙂

Holiday Mini Session – Lucas

9 month old Lucas was soo good for his shoot.  Isn’t he sweet?  I love those big brown eyes!


Julianna, 9 months

Miss Julianna was back for her 9 month photos at Lombardi Ranch/Summit Park.  We were going for an autumn theme, but the first day we tried, Lombardi was closed when we showed up!  We had to reschedule Lombardi, but she smiled and made adorable little dove noises at me the entire time both days!   She has the cutest little facial expressions!!    What a perfect little model 🙂

Dylan, 9 months

I took these a little late, but better late than never!  Dylan was more interested in watching the stink bugs than smiling for me, but I’m loving all the fall colors!



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