Draper Family

After I did this photo shoot, I told these parents that Del was the most cooperative two year old I’ve encountered during a photo shoot!  And then I had another just as cooperative that evening!  I was amazed at my little assistants that day… it was a day of great photo shoots!  Del had his own mountain he kept pointing out to me, and he was so sweet to his bright-eyed little brother who is 9 months old.  They are such a beautiful family 🙂

Emily, One Year Old

Emily is just as sweet as she can be, with blue eyes that light up the world when she smiles!  She is so incredibly loved by her parents and grandparents who all came out for the photo shoot.  I could tell she means the world to all of them.  🙂



Happy Spring!

Happy first day of spring!  Here’s a couple shots of two-year old Dylan from our most recent trip to the Huntington Gardens.  I just love cherry blossoms 🙂

Emma, 2 Years Old

How did she get so big?  I’ve been photographing Emma since she was six months old.. and now she’s two!  It’s amazing how fast time flies.  Here she is, just as beautiful as the first time… only now she has a beautiful head of curly blond hair and a mind of her own!

Mommy Love

Had to share just one more… I love this photo, so beautiful… he loves his momma! 🙂

Grant Lee, 8 months

What a roly poly little pumpkin! Grant Lee is 8 months old, and cute as a button!  I had so much fun shooting this sweet little guy who was nothing but smiles despite his jet lag (from Spain!) and his second tooth!


Cameron, Holiday Photos 2012

Meet Cameron.  Isn’t she gorgeous? I always love shooting toddlers outdoors.  They glow with wonder and delight as they explore a new area…  some are a little timid at first, but then they always open up.  Sixteen month old Cameron was no exception!  I am love with her adorable hair and beautiful big brown eyes!  Happy Holidays!

Jamie, Maternity Shoot

Jamie, Jared, and Schrader are expecting an addition to the family later this month.  They love surprises and are looking forward to finding out if they are having a girl or boy (BabyP or BabyH!)  The whole family is glowing, and I can’t wait to photograph their new little bundle of joy!

Julianna – 16 months

Last month, 16-month old Julianna came back for another session.  We needed a new setting, so we trucked over to the Huntington Gardens and made a day of it.  It was so fun! I am in love with her little pigtails 🙂

Three Generations

What a picture perfect family!  I love the innocence that shines through the youngest of the group.  Their beautiful faces just melt my heart!


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