Bazar Family Maternity Session

Schrader and Paityn are getting a new baby sibling very soon!  I’m so excited to find out if it’s a boy or a girl 🙂  Stay tuned for Jamie’s studio maternity shoot as well!

Santa Clarita Maternity Photographer

Lyri, 5 days old

Meet sweet Lyri and her beautiful mommy.  This adorable little girl has the most amazing, curly eyelashes.  Sleep was not the first thing on her mind during our session, but I am always determined to get lovely shots anyway 🙂  I love giving moms beautiful, once-in-a-lifetime photos with their babies that they will treasure forever 🙂

Santa Clarita Newborn Photography

Malia, 19 days old

Meet sweet Malia, 19 days old.  She slept so beautifully, so peacefully.  She has such an adorable little face and squishy little belly 🙂  You can tell from the photos just how in love this momma is with her new little darling 🙂

Santa Clarita Newborn Photographer

Robyn, 10 days old

Meet sweet Robyn, 10 days old.  I just can’t get over her beautiful hair and adorable little lips 🙂  She is such a little sweet pea! And how lucky is she to have a very loving big sister to dote over her?  Heart melting! Take good care of her, Piper!

Santa Clarita Newborn Photography

Grant 20 months old

Grant Lee came out to California for another photoshoot while his family was on leave from Spain.  He’s grown so much!  It was so fun watching him run around exploring, with those big inquisitive eyes, smiling from ear to ear at each new discovery 🙂

Santa Clarita Baby Photographer

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