Lucus, 5 weeks old – Santa Clarita Newborn Photographer

Every once in a while I get a newborn that doesn’t make it in for photos before the two week mark. Sometimes life gets in the way. I get asked a lot if it’s too late. While I prefer to shoot newborns during the first two weeks of life, it’s never too late to get beautiful pictures of your sweet baby. They may be a little different, but all parents deserve some sweet photos of their little one. Little Lucus came in at 5 weeks, and he sure is a sweetie. We got some lovely awake shots with his beautiful brown eyes, as well as some yawns and some sweet sleepy shots too. His mom and dad sure are lucky to have him.

Lucas, 5 weeks old.  Taken by Farrah Welch, Santa Clarita Newborn Photographer

Photos taken by Farrah Welch, Santa Clarita Newborn Photographer.

Declan, 10 days new

Meet sweet Declan, 10 days new.  He was welcomed into the arms of the sweetest parents, who will love and cherish him for always.  From those adorable little lips to those teeny tiny toes, he is the sweetest little 6lbs and 7oz imaginable.


Santa Clarita Newborn Photographer

Santa Clarita Newborn Photographer



Lucca & Leia, 12 days new


Meet little Lucca and Leia, twin brother and sister.  What perfect names for a beautiful set of twins!  Dad is a fellow star wars fan, in case you can’t tell 😉  Big sister Vivily is such a great helper.  Mom and dad are so lucky to have such a beautiful little family 🙂

santa clarita newborn photographer

Lucca Giovanni, 12 days new

Meet adorable little Lucca, 12 days new.  He was so tiny, and so insanely adorable, from his amazing lashes to his teeny tiny toes… He is so lucky to have a sweet twin sister to keep him in check as he’s growing up!

santa clarita newborn photographer

Alecely Leia, 12 days new

Meet sweet little Alecely Leia, 12 days new.  She has a beautiful head of hair, and the sweetest little face a little girl could ask for!  And the best part?  She has an adorable twin brother to defend her growing up!

santa clarita newborn photographer

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