Fun at the Beach

I don’t carry my camera around often enough…it’s something I am striving to remedy.  My iphone documentary of my son’s life is not cutting it 😉 Last week, I got some adorable shots of my sweet pea and his friends at the beach.  I thought I’d share a few.

Santa Clarita Children Photographer


Paityn, Cake Smash

Little Miss Paityn recently turned one. It feels like I just took her newborn photos a couple of months ago!  Here are some links back to her earlier shoots if you want to take a look at how much she’s grown!  She’s such a sweet little girl!


Three months

Seven Months


Santa Clarita Baby Photographer

The Wilhelms

I met Jamie at the Henry Mayo Breastfeeding group after our kiddos were born.  I’ve really enjoyed watching her beautiful brown-eyed babies grow into playful toddlers full of personality.  Motherhood is an amazing journey, and each stage is so unique and precious.  I’m so happy that I got to capture this one for her.  Meet her awesome family – The Wilhelms!  For those of you that know them, they rule 🙂

Santa Clarita Children Photographer

Eliot, 12 days old

I love it when my newborns give me great sleep smiles, and sweet little Eliot was full of them!  He was such a joy to photograph, and such a darling little love bug!

Santa Clarita Newborn Photographer

Collin, 16 days old

Meet precious baby Collin… such a cute little bundle with a gorgeous momma!  Due to some unseen circumstances, his session got pushed back past the age I shoot most of my newborns, but he still did great!  I could eat him up… and I’m sure his loving family feels the same way!


Talia, 7 days new

Meet beautiful baby Talia.  She’s a dream, from her gorgeous head of hair to her twinkly little toes.  She has a beautiful smile, and no doubt will put a smile on her parents face for years to come.

Santa Clarita Newborn Photographer

Hudson, 11 days old

Meet sweet baby Hudson and his beautiful momma.  He sure made us work on getting him to sleep, but once he did, it was all worth it 🙂  He sure was a sweetie pie!

Santa Clarita Newborn Photographer

Hadleigh, Finger Painting for Father’s Day

Hadleigh painted a canvas with dyed yogurt for her daddy for Father’s Day.  He got these photos along with the painting (For those of you interested, you just spray with shellac to preserve it!).  Aren’t these adorable?  She had so much fun!  If anyone is ever interested in doing one of these shoots, just let me know!


David, One Year Old

I took David’s newborn photos, and could not believe that he was already one when his mom contacted me for a one year shoot.  Where did the last year go??  He is so adorable, and has the cutest little head of curly hair!  He has two awesome parents, and a pair of beautiful big sisters that adore him.  He’s such a lucky little boy 🙂

Beth’s Maternity Session

35 weeks and counting… and what a beautiful glowing mommy!  You can see all of the love that this new baby will be surrounded by from this beautiful family.   His big sister is already giving him lots of hugs and kisses. I’m so excited to meet him, and can’t wait for his newborn shoot!

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